LBT Enterprises Ltd. is organized into four main divisions. These divisions work closely with one another to promote clear lines of communication and efficient response to our customers needs.


   The engineering office is accountable for research and development, stress analysis and designing and or redesigning cutter frames and components. These employees have undergone years of educational and onsite  training to develop their skills. They are responsible for working hand in hand with the manufacturing plant and insuring that our high quality control standards are achieved.


   Responsible for marketing, advertising and selling the Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter, the sales office is our direct link to you, the client. They are responsible for ensuring that each customer's needs are well looked after and that any relevant information is passed on to the appropriate divisions.


   Without overemphasizing, the manufacturing plant is the most important division of our company. It is here that engineering and sales cooperates with to ensure a superior product is achieved. Our fabricators are the best in the industry, offering superior welding and fitting abilities along with top notch mechanical and field knowledge. If it can be built, these are the people who can build it!


    LBT Enterprises Ltd. is proud to announce Prime Marine Services Inc. as a dealer and service company and also the offshore service company with its office in Broussard, LA, U.S.A..  To request the service of a Prime® Concrete Pile Cutter on your next job, please contact Prime Marine Services.