Onshore Abandoned Platform Demolition Test

The Offshore Cutter is the flagship of the Prime® Pile cutter line. It is designed to remotely cut offshore platform (jacket) piles above or below water. Unit comes complete with Power Pack & 450' of hose, hose reel, biodegradable hydraulic oil, and bio-grease.


Platform with 28" (70 cm) dia. by 1/2" (1 cm) wall steel piles filled with grout with two inner 1/2" (1 cm) wall tubes

The Prime® Offshore Cutter is maneuvered into position.

The gate and pin are remotely closed before commencing the initial cut.

Each of the platforms legs are cut below the Jacket.

The Jacket is hoisted away from the remaining platform.

Offshore contractors observe the final results with amazement.